3AHealth was a subcontractor of the SAFEST project funded by the Research and Innovation Foundation of Cyprus tasked to develop customized software solutions using the Trellis ( and Breadboard ( software platforms developed by YALE University.

Publishable Summary:

The main objective of the SAFEST project is to investigate and validate novel methods for mapping populations and monitoring social network and vaccination-related data. Distinct contributions of the SAFEST project concern: (i) Piloting the use of a social network data collection software used to map social networks with members of primary schools’ parent associations, (ii) Investigating how anti-vaccination beliefs and attitudes are transmitted from one individual to another and whether individuals who hold similar beliefs cluster together by using Social Network Analysis (SNA), and (iii) Assessing the use of peer mentors within networks for changing other members’ beliefs and attitudes towards vaccinations.

Please visit the SAFEST project website for more information:

The Project SAFEST EXCELLENCE/0918/0115 is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation.